Claude Simon
Five years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Claude Simon from HSF-ZZG, an humanitarian Belgian Rotary NGO.

I was immediately enthused and I decided to try and help HSF-ZZG financially.

My hobby is photography and I also had the opportunity to know the Vice President of ZZG and friend Mr. Luc Fauquette, also the governor Mr. José Claerhout, and Dr. Marc Casaer.
We issued a photography book (called LIFE) in 2010 and also yearly calendars in 2010, 2011 and 2012 (called Happy 2010, Happy 2011 and Happy 2012).

This year, with the support of past governor José Claerhout of RC Izegem - D.1620, we produced an art book Piet Petillion, who is an honory member of RC Izegem. It became a succes.


MR. Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, was kind enough to donate one of his Haikus and to write an introduction.

Thanks to those actions we were able to collect a fair amount to support HSF-ZZG financially.

This was only possible thanks to the help of the members of RC Izegem and several friends-sponsors. Among them, special thanks should go to Pieter Delesie, owner of IDcreation, and Waldo Engels, both Paul Harris Fellows. Without their help it would have been impossible to realize the book.

During the visit of Rotary International President Kalyan Banjeree at HSF-ZZG, I had the honor to give him the book to illustrate the NGO action.


Rotary Izegem    Grand merci à ROTARY IZEGEM

Yours sincerely,
Jacques Vandecasteele




Mr. Banjeree

International President Rotary

Mr. Luc Fauquette &  Mr. José Claerhout

Mr. Luc Fauquette

Vice President ZZG

Mr. Pieter Delesie Mr. Waldo Engels

De gauche à droite : Mr. Pieter Delesie PHF - Mr. Waldo Engels PHF - Mr. José Claerhout (Past Governor Rotary)


Miss Agnes ZZG Artist Piet Petillion

Miss Agnes ZZG
Artist Piet Petillion

Mr. Van Rompuy

Mr. Van Rompuy

Mr. Dixie Dansercoer Mr. Marc Casaer

Mr. Dixie Dansercoer
Dr. Marc Casaer

Prof. Joseline Unief Mons Prof. Andre Dehandt Unief Louvain la Neuve.

Prof. Joseline Unief Mons
Prof. Andre Dehandt
Unief Louvain la Neuve.



Dr Edwin Demuynck
Dr Edwin Demuynck Born in Africa
Pol Demuynck
Dr. Edwin Demuynck
Born In Africa
Annie et Edwin Demuynck

Pol Demynck



Tom De Mol
Dr. Gaspard Verstraete
Notaris Christophe Cleeremans

Mr. Tom De Mol



Dr. Gaspard Verstraete
Notaire Christophe Cleeremans
Marc Vandecasteele - Marc Warnez
Philippe Declercq

Marc Vandecasteele - Marc Warnez




Philippe Declerccq - Connections

Sponsor Baron Robert Dewulf


Waldo Engels

Thomas Petre
Jacques Vandecasteele
Waldo Engels
Thomas Petre - Sponsor
Mon cousin Jacques Vandecasteele

Rotary Izegem

Rotary Izegem


Merci à tous les membres du comité de www.1000thx.be : Luc Seurynck, Ann Manhaeve, Rik Decock, Notaris Christophe Cleeremans, Nicolas Douchy, Johan Vergote, Pol Demuynck, Philippe Malysse, Thomas Petre. 


Grand merci à : Hendrik Deruyck, José Vandenburie, Frank Bruneel et mon cousin Jacques Vandecasteele.